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RF  EME Predictive Modelling and Site Compliance

Compliance with relevant safety limit regulation requirements for electromagnetic energy emissions and with industry codes of practice, network owners/operators and licencees must meet certain obligations during design and commissioning of communication installations.  Read how ProX5 EME can help provide evidence to support compliance statements and meet safety regulation requirements.


ProX5 EME is a complete RF EME prediction modelling tool that includes a 3D drafting interface, antenna data tree, model visualisation and report generator.

This comprehensive solution provides RF design engineers and workplace safety officers with the ability to visualise complex RF EME fields around a communication installation.

ProX5 EME R3.7 - One Tool with Everything You Need

ProX5 EME delivers a comprehensive set of tools and features to provide RF engineers and compliance officers with unrivaled flexibility:

  • A built-in drafting interface for creating 2D drawings or 3D models of communication installations
  • Access to an extensive library of antenna models
  • Calculation of accumulative assessment of electromagnetic emissions
  • Visualisation of RF EME  exclusion zones in accordance with limits specified in internatinal standards
  • Customisable reporting templates for producing compliance documentation

Since its inception, Corearth's EME modelling software has become the preferred choice for the creation of site management records that include exclusion zones. 

Download more on ProX5 EME (PDF 1.27MB).

View video on ProX5 EME

For further information on ProX5 EME prediction software, refer to our  Contact  page.

RF EME prediction assessment services

With NATA accreditation in both the prediction and measurement of RF EME fields, Corearth is also able to provide EME assessment services and issue a NATA endorsed assessment report to organisations not having the professional expertise or necessary accreditation requirements for the issuing of compliance certificates.

More about how Corearth can provide RF EME Site Safety Guide and Site Compliance